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Outdoor Furniture Sydney

Outdoor spaces are an assent to any house. It is a true blessing to have an outdoor space that offers functionality and aesthetics to your home. Though the space cannot be used when empty, adding certain furniture pieces can provide you with an added benefit over your utilisation of the space. 

Having outdoor furniture that expresses your taste can enhance the beauty of your house. If you are someone searching for outdoor furniture in Sydney, we're here to offer you a range of distinctive products that will add a unique feature to your space while enhancing its functionality.

Why Choose DJC furniture & bedding? 

You might come across several stores and brands offering you a variety of furniture and bedding options; however, at DJC, we understand your vision and consider it our objective to make it come true. 

We have an expansive variety of furniture for those looking to select outdoor furniture in Sydney. From quality to durability and maintenance, you can choose any piece of furniture which will offer you the desired benefits. 

If you do not have anything in mind, check this website to see a few products! You can pay a visit to the DJC showroom to discuss your requirements with our team as they will suggest you a suitable variety to enhance your outdoor space. 

Our Mansard 5 Piece Outdoor Lounge Setting is suitable for all your lazy weekend relaxation or a chill night with your mates or family. It will enable you to accommodate your guests and welcome them into your outdoor space to admire the beauty outside. 

If you're someone who believes in having more extended tables to entertain loved ones, pair our Icaria Outdoor Extension Dining Table with a matching Icaria Outdoor Dining Chair or select the combo of both with Icaria 13 Piece Outdoor Dining Setting as it will bring warmth and comfort to your outdoors. 

With Chios Outdoor Modular, you will be able to add drama in the limited space! Portland 4 Piece Outdoor Lounge Setting and Solway Outdoor 4 Piece Lounge Setting have been praised for their comfort and easy to maintain qualities by our clients, and you can be one of them


Distinctive Features: 

  • The furniture we offer is considering the needs of our clients. From dramatic modular sets to minimalistic dining and lounge sets, you can select anything that suits your aesthetics. 

  • We believe in offering quality, and hence every single piece of furniture that DJC offers provides comfort and quality. 

  • In addition, we understand how busy lifestyles can get in cities like Sydney, and hence we attempt to make our furniture easy to maintain with sturdy materials. 

  • The large variety has something for everyone! Irrespective of whether you're on a budget or have limited space in the outdoors, from dramatic to minimalistic, we offer many pieces of furniture that will enhance the beauty of your outdoors. 

We focus on customer satisfaction and a practical approach at the core of our furniture curation. You can select anything that would enhance your space with outdoor furniture in Sydney.