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Fabric Lounges

Are you currently looking to buy a lounge set for your home? Whether you’re replacing an old, worn-out one or just moving into a new place, DJC Furniture has the perfect fantastic lounge to suit any style of home. From family-sized fabric lounges to ones better suited for smaller apartments, our team has you covered! By visiting one of our showrooms in either Fairfield East or Moorebank today, our fantastic and friendly team of professionals will make sure you find the perfect lounge that fits your space. Whether you’re looking for a sleek modern style lounge set or a fabric lounge with a classic design, we stock it all.

Why DJC Furniture for Lounge Furniture? 

Many of us focus on lounge furniture for comfort and luxury; it is the ambience one wishes to create with lounge room furniture. Offer the best satisfaction, one must use everything from fabric to upholstery in such lounge furniture. It is crucial to get comfortable with a variety of lounge furniture, and you must choose DJC as we provide plenty of variety with an understanding of our customer's needs. Every piece of furniture is curated, considering space optimisation requirements and convenience. 

With our lounge furniture, you will get the best comfort and aesthetics. Be it look, colour or fabric finish, DJC furniture is excellent at offering everything at a reasonable cost. You can select a wide variety, from regal-looking Louis Love Seat to an elaborate and dramatic Frank Fabric Modular Corner

These pieces of furniture will enable you to choose the correct details for your space while optimising the budget. You can get anything per your requirement and preference, from corner sets to stand-alone furniture. Like Academy Electric Recliner or Romano Chaise, any stand-alone can change the entire look and offer you a distinctive feature for your space. 

If you're looking for something modern and elegant, consider selecting Captain 3-Seater with Electric Recliners and Dropdown Table it will offer a modern touch effortlessly. 

We update our offerings frequently; hence there's no end to alternatives for you to choose from, be sure to check our variety of lounge furniture or lounge room furniture to get the most benefits. 

Affordable And High-Quality Fabric Lounges For Sale In Sydney

At DJC Furniture, our family-owned business has been providing the best quality fabric lounges to Sydney residents for over 40 years. Our priority is to ensure we can deliver the best lounge sets at prices that anyone can afford, without any change to the quality. We stock a number of different styles and models here in our showroom for you to take a look at and try out, the majority made in Australia Sydney.

We can also custom make it to fit your room and provide a large range of fabrics and customisations. No matter what you’re looking for, our team is here to help you find the perfect fabric lounge that can tick all the boxes for you.

By getting in touch with our DJC Furniture team or visiting us in-store today, we believe we can help you find the product that matches your home and lifestyle perfectly.